2020 Census Outreach Materials

2020 Census Outreach Materials

CVIIC (Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative) presents a collection of 2020 Census outreach materials. These documents are obtained from various sources, including the United States Census Bureau, the State of California, foundations, national, state and local census stakeholders. The documents can be used by nonprofit organizations, Complete Count Committees, public sector entities, businesses, and other stakeholders involved in 2020 Census-related activities.

The collection of outreach materials includes informational documents, guides and other resources developed by the United States Census Bureau, nonprofit organizations and foundations, and local/state governments.

Please check this page on a regular basis. We will update the content in an ongoing basis throughout the 2020 Census process.

In particular, we have selected materials that directly address some of the key issues raised by hard to count populations and/or that offer well crafted basic information, which is essential in informational and community education events.

It should be noted that most of the documents are presented in PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking on the “Download PDF” arrow at bottom of each document.

Finally, CVIIC also offers on this site a collection of studies and other relevant 2020 Census documents. You can view and download them by visiting this page: https://cviic.org/census-documents/


United States Census Bureau

Community Outreach Toolkit


Road to Census Infographic for Organizations


Sample Copy 2020 Census Invitation Letter


Census 101 What You Need to Know (English)


(Spanish) Census 101 What You Need to Know: Información Básica Sobre el Censo Lo Que Usted Necesita Saber


Confidentiality Factsheet (English)


Confidentiality Factsheet (Spanish)


Sample 2020 Census Questionnaire (English)


Sample 2020 Census Questionnaire (Spanish)


Fact Sheet for Group Housing


Fact Sheet About Race Question


Fact Sheet About Sex Question


State of California

2020 Census A Guide for California’s School-Based Outreach


California 2020 Census Higher Education Toolkit


Spanish Census Informational Fact Sheet


Farsi Census One Page Flyer


Armenian Census One Page Flyer


Korean Census Flyer


Punjabi Census Flyer


Tagalog Census One Page Flyer


Vietnamese Census Flyer



Local Governments


Los Angeles 2020 Census Higher Education Toolkit



Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ)

Census Outreach 101 and What Community-Based Organizations Can Do


Engaging Your Friends and Family in the 2020 Census


First Five Association of California

Our Kids Count First 5 Association of California


Nuestros Niños Cuentan First 5 Association of California


Latino Community Foundation



Count Us In 2020

Census Fact Sheets in 18 Languages: https://www.countusin2020.org/resources

Languages include:
中文 – Chinese Simplified |中文 – Chinese Traditional |ગુજરાતી – Gujarati | हिंदी – Hindi | nkauj hmoob – Hmong | 日本人 – Japanese | 한국어 – Korean | ខ្មែរ Khmer | ລາວ – Lao |नेपाली – Nepali |ਪੰਜਾਬੀ – Punjabi |Tagalog | ไทย – Thai | Tiếng Việt – Vietnamese |Urdu-اردو | Español – Spanish | عربى – Arabic