Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative (CVIIC) is a non-profit organization established in Fresno in 2014. It has followed a model of regional coordination and collaboration that stems from its 2014 strategic plan. The four priorities of CVIIC have been:

  • Contribute to the improvement of regional immigration-related organizational capacity
  • Ensure the delivery of immigration legal services to Central Valley rural and urban communities where immigrant families reside
  • Deliver community education and know your rights information to rural and urban immigrant families
  • Engage in advocacy efforts related to the rights and interests of immigrant families

CVIIC collaborates with a broad range of regional, state and national partners. This collaboration has focused on immigration legal services, health access, civic participation, the 2020 Census, and immigrant entrepreneurship, among other issues.

Central Valley partners include community-based organizations, non-profit immigration legal services providers, pro bono attorneys, educational and vocational institutions, libraries, churches and faith-based organizations, mass media agencies, and other public, private and non-profit sector representatives. At the state and national levels, CVIIC is part of many networks, such as Having Our Say, New Americans Campaign, Welcoming America, and the Build from Within Alliance.

CVIIC is led by a group of dedicated community leaders. The 2022 CVIIC Board of Directors is composed of the following members:

  • Hugo Morales: Chair
  • Allison Davenport: Vice-Chair
  • Lazaro Salazar: Treasurer
  • Alejandra Tovar: Secretary
  • Maria Lemus

Jesus Martinez is the Executive Director

CVIIC Board of Directors in 2019 When 501(c)3 Status Was Obtained

CVIIC Board of Directors 2019 photo
CVIIC Board of Directors 2019

CVIIC Board of Directors

Nonpofit Status

CVIIC is a nonprofit organization.

The IRS has approved our application for 501(c)(3) status.

Our EIN is: 83-0682400


The CVIIC Staff consists of the following team members:

  • Jesus Martinez: Executive Director
  • Eleazar Valdez: Outreach and Workshops Coordinator
  • Juan Carranza: Director of Immigrant Entrepreneurship
  • Norma Trinidad-Diaz: Community Organizer
  • Oswaldo Paoletti: Community Organizer
  • Lorena Hernandez: Assistant Director for Immigrant Entrepreneurship
  • Consuelo Daniela Penasco: Immigrant Entrepreneurship Case Worker
  • Ricardo Suarez: Community Organizer
  • Ingrid Salazar: Health and Immigration Community Educator