California Welcoming California Becoming

California Welcoming California Becoming: Immigrant Integration & Inclusion in the Golden State

California Welcoming California Becoming: Manuel Pastor and Thai Le Presentation

The Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative (CVIIC) hosted the informational webinar, “California Welcoming, California Becoming: Immigrant Integration & Inclusion in the Golden State, Data Highlights on Central Valley’s Immigrant Communities,” offered by noted University of Southern California researchers, Manuel Pastor and Thai Le.

The presentation examines the demographic transformation in California and the Central Valley, the significance of existing policies and needed changes, the barriers to economic and civic inclusion, considers potential future scenarios, and offers specific proposals to ensure a welcoming and prosperous California.

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Two Key Points of the Presentation

A principal argument made in the presentation is as follows:

Immigrant growth in the state has slowed and the share of foreign born, as noted above, is falling. There seems to be less immigrants moving in the state and more immigrants selecting a different destination upon their arrival. Concerns persist about not receiving our share of new immigrants and there are reasons to worry that move-out may tick up.

However, Manuel Pastor and Thai Le also point out that the demographic dynamics are different in the case of the Central Valley:

The other shift is where Californians are living and will be living. Projections suggest that a larger share of Californians will be living in the Central Valley. Even more important, the Central Valley has more than its share of California’s children and that will be growing as well. The Central Valley is the future of the state.

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