Census 2020 Citizenship Question

Census 2020 Citizenship Question: Opposition by CVIIC in Amicus Brief

The Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative (CVIIC) has filed an amicus brief that opposes the proposed Census 2020 citizenship question  promoted by the Donald Trump administration and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. The amicus brief has been filed in the United States District Court in Northern California.

An extensive and growing body of literature has documented the harm to the nation, immigrant communities and the 2020 Census process if the question is included. Among the greatest dangers is that it will significantly impact response rates of immigrants and their broader social networks, including US-born children.

CVIIC and other Central Valley organizations have filed the amicus brief in support of the lawsuit that has been filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in opposition to the inclusion of the citizenship question.

The Amici Curiae are:

  • Blue Shield of California Foundation
  • The California Endowment
  • California Pan-Ethnic Health Network
  • California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
  • California Wellness Foundation
  • Californians for Pesticide Reform
  • Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative
  • Community Water Center
  • Grove Foundation
  • Immigrant Legal Resource Center
  • Jakara Movement
  • Latino Community Foundation
  • Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability
  • National Immigration Law Center
  • Radio Bilingüe
  • The Sierra Health Foundation
  • United Farm Workers Foundation
  • Westside Family Prevention Services Network

The amicus brief documentation is enriched by the research carried out in the Central Valley by the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund, the California Institute for Rural Studies and CVIIC.

The amicus brief and supporting documents are found below. They can be downloaded by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of each document.

Census 2020 Citizenship Question Amicus Brief


Amicus Brief Motion


Amicus Brief Exhibit A


Amicus Brief Exhibit B


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