Equity on the Mall 2021 Immigration Panel: Community Led Movements

Equity on the Mall 2021 Immigration Panel April 30, 2021

Equity on the Mall 2021 Immigration Panel: Community Led Movements

Please find below the video recording of the Equity on the Mall 2021 Immigration Panel, “Community Led Movements: Building a Robust Immigrant Integration Infrastructure in the San Joaquin Valley.”

The Community Led Movements: Equity on the Mall 2021 panel is composed of representatives of nonprofit organizations in the Central Valley that serve immigrant communities. The representatives are also members of the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund Immigration Policy Subcommittee.

Panel Moderator: Eduardo Ramirez

• Marcus Tang (CRLAF) will discuss CRLAF’s work implementing the Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants (DRAI) program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Bianca Wolff (CCIJ): Bianca will provide a background, and overview of the California Legal Immigration Fellowship Program

• Jasmin Aleman (IRC): Jasmin will share her experience growing up in the Central Valley and returning as a California Legal Immigration Fellow.

• Xavier Vazquez-Baez (ELF): Xavier will provide an overview and discuss key accomplishments of the Fresno County Legal Defense Fund (FCLDF). Xavier will also provide a background of ELF, and how ELF is building on its removal defense capacity through its partnership with the FCLD, and by hosting an Immigrant Justice Fellow.

• Sothea Ung (ASPARA): Sothea will share the testimony of an immigrant/refugee resident’s advocacy and resiliency. The presentation will be live or pre-recorded.

• Jesus Martinez (CVIIC): Jesus will discuss CVIIC’s work through its Entrepreneurial Program, and the ongoing collaboration between the Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) and immigrant serving organizations. Jesus will also highlight the grassroot and cross ethnic collaborations that enabled the San Joaquin Valley to achieve a successful 2020 Census Count.

• Bianette Perez (Little Manila Rising): Bianette will discuss Little Manila’s work through its Know-Your-Rights campaign in the Stockton Region. Bianette may provide a pre-recorded video of youth who helped advance this work.

• Porchoua Her (The Fresno Center): Porchoua will discuss the COVID-19 related hardships faced by immigrant communities and The Fresno Center’s critical support efforts to help immigrant communities overcome and recover from the pandemic.

The community led movements Equity on the Mall immigration panel was organized by the Immigration Policy Subcommittee of the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund. The Subcommittee chairs are Allison Davenport and Eduardo Ramirez.

Equity on the Mall 2021 is a week-long series of events held to celebrate the accomplishments of partner organizations and to promote civic participation around issues of importance to San Joaquin Valley families.



To contact individual organizations and see the services they offer to immigrant families, please download the CVIIC regional immigration services directory: https://cviic.org/immigration-services-directory/

Please use this link to share the video: https://youtu.be/PVFyQYQkToU